Factory Equipment

We apply the following machines and technologies in the particular divisions of production and processing:


  • Plastic Injection Mold

    10 modern plastic injection mold machines from ARBURG®, ENGEL®, and DR. BOY®:

    • Locking pressure: 220 - 2.000 kN
    • 2-C-machine with 1.000 kN locking pressure
    • Shot volume: 250 cmmax.
    • Mold parting surface injection
    • Vertical machines for injection-mold around inserts
    • Hot-runner mold equipment
    • Peripheral devices

  • Printing

    1 pad printing machine:

    • 4-color-print

  • Tool Design and Construction

    Various machines for conventional processing and repair work

  • CAD Data Formats

    Usage of the formats IGES and STEP