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The company REINHOLD LESCH is a family business from the glass and plastics processing industry. Now, it's managed by the third generation.

Founder of the company was Reinhold Lesch, grandfather of the present corporate management. He learnt the handcraft of producing glass eyes in the small town Mönchröden in Oberfranken (Northern Bavaria), today a district of Rödental. At this time, the neighboring place Sonneberg was well-known as a toy city. In the surroundings, including Oeslau, Neustadt, and Coburg, many toy manufacturers have settled. Reinhold Lesch began to design and produce eyes made of glass and to supply the surrounding doll and plush manufacturers. So, the 1928-founded company REINHOLD LESCH quickly emerged as a world-wide leading supplier of doll and bear manufacturers.

A lot of manual work in the traditional company Reinhold Lesch GmbH

Great importance is attached to high quality processing because many of the products are manufactured in manual work still today. The product portfolio has been extended continuously and contains many items from eyes to pliers, which are necessary for the bear and doll production.

Besides the glass sector, since 1958 REINHOLD LESCH is active in plastics processing for many other industries like automotive, electronics, and optics. It offers a lot of competencies in the field of plastics project management to produce a wide range of parts made of all thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers.

Every year the company presents itself and its products at the International Toy Fair in Nuremburg and is also represented at various other exhibitions and fairs of the toy and plastics industry.

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